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JEM International`s goal is to exceed your expectations everytime. We have been a leader in manufacturing high quality, easy to operate,bag filling, bag closing, bagging scale, and bag stacking equipment for more than 35 years.

We pride ourselves in...

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Bagging Scales
-Gross Weigh Scales
-GWM Wolverine Series
-GWD Wildcat Series
-Net Weigh Scales
-NW Eagle Scale
-NW Falcon Gravity/Vibratory Small Net Weigh Scale
Bag Closing Equipment
-Heat Sealers
-Sewing Systems and Accesories
-Pinch Bottom Closers
-Impulse Sealers
Automatic Bag Hangers
-ABP 120 Bag Hanger
-ABF 106 Bag Hanger
-Johnson JBH9400 Bag Hanger
-Nova Packaging Form, Fill & Seal
Bag Closing, Positioning & Transfer Conveyors
-Bag Closing Conveyors
-Knockdown/Turner Conveyors
-Bag Kicker Conveyor
-Incline Conveyors
-Flattening Conveyors
-Gravity Roller
-Lift Systems
Palletizing Equipment
-Semi-Automatic 1200 Palletizer
-Fully Automatic Palletizing
-Stretch Wrapping
-Manual Stacking Equipment
Portable Bagging
-Bag Plants
-Portable Bag Plants
-MCSS & HDRSS Bagging